Parent Lifestyle Can Affect Children's Health Before They're Conceived

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When it comes to children’s health, a parent’s lifestyle can play into the success or problems that may develop. We tend to think of protecting the health of our children as something that happens after they are born. What you may not realize is that the shape you are in and the lifestyle you lead even before your children are conceived can play into this greatly. This comes as a huge surprise for many parents or potential parents, but it’s true. If you want to give your kids the gift of health, then it’s important to get into good habits early on and throughout the lives of your children in order to give them everything they deserve.


Our children’s health all starts with the lifestyle that we lead. If you drink excessive alcohol or caffeine, for example, this can play into fertility issues. If you are somebody who doesn’t work out, is overweight, or just generally doesn’t take care of yourself, then this can cause infertility issues later on. Though this may not seem like a problem now, think of what it can mean for your children. By quitting smoking early on, you not only increase the likelihood of conceiving a child in the first place but also help to eliminate many health problems that could develop later on.


Preventative Measures Help You and Your Child


In terms of proactive methods to protect your children’s health later on, you should also consider what you may pass onto them. If you suffer from any health conditions, then you may be passing these on genetically to your future children; at the least, they may affect the health of your newborn son or daughter. Therefore, working to maintain a healthy weight range and trying to get a handle on health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even diabetes can only benefit your children. Quitting smoking can ensure that your child doesn’t suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems. Even eating well and protecting your own digestive health can help your child tremendously. The more you do now, the better for your kids!


So though we tend to look at our children’s health as something that matters only in the here and now, you can start preparing for it early on. Even before you conceive your children, you can help to promote fertility and better health overall. If you think through these factors now, it will only help you as you move forward. Your kids will really come to depend on you, so being a healthy role model early on will be good for you and for them. We all want the best for our children, so any measures that allow us to protect their health are well worth the effort.