Breastfeed to Prepare Your Baby for Solid Foods

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As a new mother, it is incredibly important that you carefully choose your baby’s diet with knowledge and due diligence. Feeding your baby with synthetic formulas is always an option, but when you breastfeed, you offer your young angel the privilege of much more than you might realize. Not only do breastfed babies generally have higher IQs and better immune systems, but it turns out that they are also more prepared for solid foods later on in life. Essentially, nursing your baby instead of offering him or her the bottle fosters a better foundation of health for the long road that is lying ahead of them.


You Are What You Eat

If you have done your research about breastfeeding your baby, then you should already know about the importance of eating a well-balanced diet in order to provide your baby with the best nutrition possible. However, what some mothers seem to be forgetting is that when they breastfeed, they are actually sharing the properties of their chosen meal with their little one. If the mother chooses an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, then her milk will contain those vitamins and minerals, and it will have a distinctive taste as well. Over time, offering your baby a variety of nutrients by nursing will encourage him or her to make healthy food choices later on in life. In short, they eventually become mirrors of what they were fed as babies.

Preparing for a Solid Future

When you breastfeed your baby, you are not only offering nature’s best but you are also providing much-needed personal attention. After a while, both mother and child can grow to be comforted emotionally by this habit, but eventually you will have to let go and start offering some solid foods to your thirsty baby. Eating plenty of healthy stuff while you are breastfeeding gives your child a taste for otherwise unfamiliar solid foods, so if you are wanting your baby to enjoy a wide variety of solid foods, then you will want to get him or her ready for it by eating those foods when you breastfeed.

Choosing the Best Foods for You and Your Baby

Your pediatrician should be able to tell you exactly which foods you should be eating while you breastfeed. As a general rule, steering clear of overly spicy options would be your best bet, though that all depends on your personal tolerance as well as what eating habits you want your baby to have in the future. Tip: Try to eat the same foods for a few days in a row to get your child used to it before switching to something else.