How to Go on a Fun Date and Eat Healthy

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As if a first date weren’t hard enough, you may wonder how to date and eat healthy. It’s difficult enough to find somebody whom you actually want to date. When you add to that the fact that you are also trying to stay healthy, dating can truly prove a challenge. You may need to take matters into your own hands so that you can enjoy yourself while sticking to a plan. Though you may not realize it yet, there are some great options to protect your health as well as ensure that you enjoy your date; both aspects can work together!


If you want to go on a date and eat healthy, then you may want to focus on certain cuisines. Try to suggest healthy restaurants or types of fare that you know will offer healthier options. Greek food, Middle Eastern food, vegan food, sushi, and even some Italian food can work wonders. Think about places where you can get salads or vegetable dishes. Trying new cuisines can be fun; and if you focus on healthier options ahead of time, you will be setting yourself up for a win all-around. Looking for healthy variety in your dinner-date cuisine selections can even make for a fun dating tradition.


Being Proactive and Staying Dedicated While Having Fun


If you are trying to date and eat healthy, then do your homework ahead of time. Know the menu of the restaurant where you are going so that you can make the healthiest possible choices. If all else fails, know how to order for yourself and ask for grilled, broiled, or baked foods, particularly meats and veggies, as your preferred cooking methods. Anything you can do to special-order the food the way you want it--that is, healthy--will set you up for success. Though you may fear coming across as a pain, special orders are becoming the norm.


You can pursue a variety of options as part of a fun, “date and eat healthy” tradition. Try going to a farmer’s market together and then going home to cook something healthy and delicious as a couple. Opt for a place where you can cook a meal together, which is not only healthy but also a lot of fun. Choose a new restaurant that features healthy fare. Take turns picking new restaurants--that offer healthy options--as a fun challenge. If you’re dedicated to this, then you can have some truly enjoyable dates yet remain dedicated to the healthy regimen that you have worked hard to maintain!