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Lavalife seems to have found an unique recipe to online dating that brings fun, excitement, and diversity to meet the dating interests of most people. The best feature of this online dating site is the option to join its three separate communities - “Dating,” “Relationships” and “Intimate Encounters.” Yes, that's right, Intimate Encounters...if you are just looking for a quick romp in the hay then you can be proud to join this community and let others know about it, and find others looking for intimate flings too because to be honest, not everyone is looking for a long-term relationship, right?.


I wish I could tell you that because of the dating "flexability" that this site offers that it is a hassle free way to meet your match. Unfortunately, however, some women claim to be very frustrated with men venturing over to the more serious dating communities from "Intimate Encounters". See, you can belong to one, or all three, of the communities on Lavalife. So, needless to say, some women looking for a more serious relationship do get harrassed by men only looking for a short, but good time.


Setting up a profile on Lavalife is free, and you will need to set up a separate profile for every community you wish to join. Included in your profile is a display picture that will show to everyone, and a "backstage" where you can post more photos and videos of yourself. The backstage is a private area and is not accessible by other members unless you give them a "backstage pass". Needless to say, you never know what you'll find in people's backstage gallery, but it is always super fun to take a peek if you are permitted to do so.


One of the best free features on Lavalife is "smiles". Anyone can send a smile to another member free of charge with a short message. A smile is a very handy way to let someone know you are interested in chatting with them or having access to their secret "backstage" area. Of course Lavalife wants your money too, so instant messaging and email correspondance will cost you.


Lavalife Membership

Lavalife functions on the credit system. You purchase credits and use them to send emails and instant messages. There is also an option to "call collect". This means that you can send someone a message and if they want to read it they will have to pick up the bill. Pretty nifty idea for making sure that both paying and non-paying members can chat, if need be. Credit bundles start at $14.99 for 50 credits and top out at $39.99 for 200 credits, with added value built in. For instance, it costs 5 credits to send a mail message but further messages to the same person are free.