Yahoo! Personals Review

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Yahoo! Personals is the dating prodigy of one of the largest search engines, Yahoo!. Yahoo! Personals does create a personality profile for each of its members, however profile matching is only done for Premier members. The majority of members on Yahoo! Personals are within the ages of 20 - 40 years old. Although finding a soul mate and/or marriage partner is important to some using this dating service, there is a vast number who are looking for a more casual approach to dating and are just trying to get themselves out into the dating world.


Yahoo! Personals Membership

Yahoo! Personals offers three membership options: Free, Basic and Premier. With the free membership you can create your profile, including photos, browse and search other member profiles and complete the free personality profile. Once you find someone you would like to contact, or they find you, you will need to upgrade your free membership to a paid one, either Basic or Premier. The Basic Membership with Yahoo! Personals allows you to email and instant message with other members. The Premier Membership uses your personality profile to find other members who are highly compatible with your personality. You can sign up for a free 7-day Trial of Yahoo! Personals as well.


The cost of a Basic monthly membership with Yahoo! Personals is $19.95/month. Yahoo! Personals Premier is an additional service available for $39.95/month. If you sign up for multiple months, you can save over $8/month.