Online Dating Safety Guide for Women

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While online dating isn’t a new trend, sometimes women are unfamiliar with the dark side of the online dating world. There are many scam websites, as well as criminals prowling unsuspecting females who are willing to share their personal information in a bid to seek a romantic partner. So, if you are planning to try online dating, here’s an online dating safety guide you can follow:


1. Look for clues regarding the guy you are chatting to. The first place to check is the profile picture. If something doesn’t look right or your gut tells you the guy is not genuine, just end the conversation. There are plenty of guys to meet online for dating.


2. Have clear expectations about what you want from online dating. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you have to look for a guy who seems and acts sincere. If the guy you are chatting with is reclusive and cautious with words and hesitant about meeting you, you know better than to continue. You are risking your own safety chatting to a potential ‘creep’.


3. Don’t agree to meet a guy soon after you have started talking to him. You cannot judge a person’s characters and intentions through online chats and texting. This is why you have to exercise caution and be careful when deciding to go ahead with a meeting.


4. Don’t divulge any personal information to the people you chat with. This is the foremost rule you have to follow. This includes your personal contact number, email ID and home address. In fact, it is better to keep your Facebook profile a secret as well. Use call blocking if you want to talk to the guy on the phone and be the one to initiate the call and not have him call you.


5. Arrange the first few meetings in public places where you know there will be people around. This is important as the guy won’t have the chance to act on his intentions, additionally, he runs the risk of being arrested. Unless you are absolutely comfortable with the guy, don’t meet him alone.


6. Refrain from sharing racy or sensual pictures of yourself and also avoid video calls where things can get out of hand. You never know the guy may use your images and record the call to share online. This is a key online dating safety tip you cannot ignore at any cost.

So, follow this online dating safety guide to ensure you stay safe while making the most of online dating.