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Star ActiveStar ActiveStar ActiveStar ActiveStar Inactive is an ancient dating site compared to the age of most dating sites out there, with a birth date in 1995. For this reason, was one of the first horses out of the gate to experience the enormous financial gains that online dating sites can experience. With their advertising budget cushioned with wads of cash, quickly became known by most dating singles, and became the most popular and well known place to go when seeking online dating services. is an active online dating site across six continents and is available in 18 different languages. It does offer some unique features including their own online dating magazine, and matchMobile that lets you search for matches, get alerts and send messages with your mobile. One of the best features of is the ability to let you see when a member was last logged in. This helps to weed out the inactive people still registered with the service. Another great feature is being able to narrow down your search for other daters within a mile of your own location.


One of the major drawbacks of is that it doesn’t let non-members reply to a members email for free. There is a large number of people registered with who don't, or can't, commit to the paid membership. For this reason, members are increasingly frustrated that their messages to non-members cannot be returned, even though they are paying for the higher than average price for's services. Membership

For a basic membership with you have a selection of choices, 6 months for $14.99/month, 3 months for $16.99/month and 1 month for $29.99. A premium membership with, or Plus, gives you access to advanced features of video advice modules, dating insights and strategies, Dr. Phil workshops, action plans to help you see success and a private online journal. The Plus membership will cost you $21.98/month for 6 months, $24.98/month for 3 months and 38.98 for one month.


0 # Great siteBeth 2012-07-07 15:21
I've really had a lot of luck with I find that a lot of other sites have people who are using them for a lot of weird things like "intimate encounters" or just to mess with people.

But this site just seems to have normal, regular people who are trying to meet someone either for dating or an actual relationship over the long term. I haven't always liked everyone that I've met, but at least they're not completely strange!
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0 # this is alrightPaplo 2012-05-05 00:46
This isn’t a bad service. You meet a lot of people and it doesn’t have as many filters as I’d like, but it’s better than lavalife. It sucks that you have to pay for this.
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0 # RE: freddyboy 2012-01-04 04:04
All in all, I didn't find that this site was too bad. I wouldn't want to stay on it too long since the price does add up after a while, but I feel like you can meet the right people there, not just any people.
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0 # ffviifan 2011-10-16 04:06
All in all this is a pretty good site. I found the way that they hid the payment information and actual pricing to be a bit sketchy, but they never pretended to be a free site. There's enough there to get good and familiar with the site so that you can know for sure if you want to pay to sign up. It's not cheap, but there are a lot of other members so it does open up a lot of opportunities to meet new local people.
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