The Dangers of Crash Diets

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When you want to lose weight there’s a good chance that you want to start the process right away. Though we may very well recognize that turning to a healthy foundation is the best way to lose weight, it’s tempting to turn to one of the many diets out there that promote quick results with very little effort. Though a diet pill can be an excellent way to get a jumpstart on your weight loss, there are other methods out there that can be quite harmful in nature. If you find that you have considered or even tried crash diets then you know firsthand that these are not the best way to take off the weight and keep it off for good.


It’s so tempting to turn to these methods for they promise that you will lose weight quickly. If you have struggled with your weight then you know firsthand that you want to shed it fast, and that’s what makes these methods so very tempting. There are so many problems with these diets though, for they are not designed to help you in the long term. They are usually not based on healthy methods, and in addition to that they may actually hurt you. Nearly all of us have tried one of these diets and though they seem great at first, they can be more harmful than you realize moving forward. You just want to lose weight and eating the right foods and exercising can sound like an awful lot of effort—but you will come to see that this is truly the best way to go.


If you have considered crash diets you’re not alone, but you do have to understand why they can be so harmful. They may be tempting but they are not going to give you the results that you want since they are not intended for long term or healthy weight loss. Here’s why they are flawed and why you need to create a healthy foundation instead.


They often promote deprivation, which will work against you: If you deprive yourself of certain food groups or you cut your calories in a really drastic way, you are setting yourself up for failure. Though many of these diets are based on deprivation in many different forms, this is not a solid way to lose the weight. You end up feeling bitter and frustrated, and you will often give in and eat more of the food that is off limits than you would have in the first place. Deprivation will never be the platform to help you to lose the weight, and if you can consider why it’s harmful then you will stay away from these diets moving forward.


They may hurt your health if they are extreme in nature: The biggest problem with crash diets that you probably aren’t thinking about is that they are actually quite harmful to your health. They may cause you to have problematic health problems in the short term such as lack of energy and lethargy, headaches, lack of focus, and even digestive problems. Moving forward, if you continue to follow these diets you may work against your metabolism and cause longer term health problems that you didn’t bargain for. The benefit simply doesn’t outweigh the risks!


As soon as you stop following them and return to normal, you may find that the weight creeps back on: You may feel good on these diets at first as you lose a few pounds initially. You follow it closely and you see results and then you are determined to keep up the good work. Since these diets are not intended to help you with the long term, as soon as you begin to return to normal and eat right, the weight creeps back on. You end up gaining back the weight you lost and maybe even a little bit extra, and that means that you are further behind than you would have been initially—never a good thing!


They are not based on good healthy principles so they will only cause problems for you in the long term: There are so many flaws with crash diets and the biggest of them all is that they are not based on healthy ideals. You may lose weight, but not the right way. You may very well hurt your health and learn unhealthy habits, and so they are not worth the risk. You want to be sure that you can enjoy long term weight loss, and that comes from eating right and exercising, so forget about these crazy diets and do what will help you in the long term.