Never EVER Do These Dieting No Nos!

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When you’re ready to get into great shape and lose some weight, you may be looking into as many tips as you can possibly find to skyrocket your results. It’s easy to find yourself stumbling down the wrong path with so many websites, individuals and even celebrities swearing by juice cleanses, elimination diets and drastic lifestyle changes. However, many of those choices that promise you top results will only end up causing far more harm than good.


The massive promises may be tempting, but do your best not to fall victim to them as they can hurt your health and make it even harder for you to lose weight and keep it off in the long run.


To help you to remember that there are certain steps that you should never ever take, no matter what is promised or who promises it, the following are some dieting absolute no-nos:


• Eliminating foods or food groups - These types of diets are exceptionally hot right now. They recommend cutting out dairy, gluten, or even all carbohydrates. Or they might tell you not to eat any foods other than a few specific ones from a short list. Unless your doctor has told you to stop eating a certain food because of the presence of an allergy or a specific medical condition, the odds are that you’re only going to hurt your dieting efforts by unnecessarily removing foods you love. Research has shown that by eliminating foods, you only make them seem more appealing and increase your odds of binge eating.

• Ignoring the sensation of hunger – Many diets tell you that willpower and strength are going to be an important part of success. They suggest that feeling hungry isn’t important and that you need to learn to accept it and rise above it. However, this only sets you up for failure and eating the wrong foods later on. When you’re hungry, respond. This doesn’t mean overeating. It could mean hydrating, exercising, or eating a low calorie, high fiber snack.

• Making all changes at one time – When you’re overhauling your lifestyle to eat more healthfully and exercise regularly, this can mean a large number of changes, depending on how you were living before you made the changes. If you try to change everything at once, chances are that you will overwhelm yourself and will eventually give up on it. As soon as the novelty wears off, so will your inclination to keep it up. Adding changes continually and gradually is far more effective.