Can You Still Eat Junk Food and Lose Weight?

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Many of us who are on the verge of dieting will contemplate what it’s going to take for us to lose weight. Some people have been blessed with an inability to gain weight and have been on a junk food frenzy all their lives. Therefore, the question of whether you can still eat junk food and lose weight comes to mind. The answer depends heavily on how you are looking to lose weight.


It also depends on how you define junk food. To some people, junk foods only includes such desserts as cake, ice cream, and candy. To others, junk food encompasses fast food and anything out of a restaurant. Such factors affect how you determine whether you can eat junk food and lose weight. So let’s get into the nitty gritty details of defining these terms and examining how junk food impacts weight loss.


If you are coming from the perspective of weight loss being calorie counting, then by all means, you can certainly still eat junk food and lose weight. In fact, no matter how you are defining junk food, you can find plenty of “junk foods” that have fewer calories than traditional junk food. It has become quite a marketing ploy to have so-called fat free and low-calorie junk food. All you really have to do is identify your absolute favorite foods and start counting the calories! However, you know there will be drawbacks to eating lots of junk food. So yes, you can eat junk food and still lose weight, but it will be a long, hard, unhealthy, and uncomfortable road for many--though not all--people.


You will, for one, have blood glucose and metabolism fluctuations because it will be a very hard on your body to process sugar when you are also calorie restricting. It causes a trainwreck in the body and creates cravings as well. Therefore, what actually ends up happening is that you throw your body off to such a degree that even if you do lose weight, you will be apt to regain it quickly. Plus, you can damage your organs and affect your blood glucose levels negatively, leading to a myriad of other problems. That's why healthy diet foods are better. The bottom line is, you can have anything you want in moderation, but good health and weight loss are harder when you go to extremes. The best thing to do is steer clear of the junk until you are done losing weight, then gradually filter in a certain amount of junk food as you maintain the weight loss.