Vegan Nutritional Supplements You May Need to Take on a Plant-Based Diet

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When you adopt a plant-based diet, it’s recommended that you talk to your doctor about vegan nutritional supplements. The reason is that removing all animal-based foods from your meal can make nutrition somewhat more complex.

It’s not that you can’t enjoy complete nutrition without eating something that comes from an animal. That said, there is a learning curve to discover how to do it. During that time, vegan nutritional supplements can help you to make sure you’re not shorting yourself an important nutrient without realizing it.

Why Vegan Nutritional Supplements?

When you follow a plant-based diet, there are certain nutrients that can be challenging to obtain without a specific effort. Until you know exactly what those efforts are and how to maintain them, you could be missing out without backup.

Moreover, some plant-based dieters use vegan nutritional supplements so that they don’t need to pay as much attention. Certainly, they know where to find the nutrients in their food, but perhaps they don’t want to pay that close attention every day. Supplementing their diets gives them more freedom to eat without tracking each nutrient that enters their bodies.

What Vegan Nutritional Supplements Will You Need?

The answer regarding the vegan nutritional supplements you will need depends on what you are eating on a regular basis. Speak with your doctor before you start taking any nutritional supplements. This will help you to better gauge your nutritional supplementation needs. That said, the following are some of the options most commonly needed:

• Vitamin B12 – This vitamin – which is vital for the creation of red blood cells and that supports the nervous system – can be difficult for vegans to obtain. Without it, nervous system damage can result, as can a certain form of anemia. Symptoms that vitamin B12 is too low can include: tingling sensations, fatigue, memory or speech impairment, balance problems.
• Iron – Iron is used for the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. Without it, you can become anemic and will feel extremely tired.
• Zinc – This mineral is vital to a healthy immune system, wound healing, cell division and DNA manufacturing. When it’s low, your appetite may fall, you’ll be sick frequently, you will heal slowly, and you’ll experience mental fatigue.
• Vitamin D – It has been estimated that most of the population is already deficient in vitamin D. That said, without fortified sources such as milk, vegans have even lower levels. You may be very deficient without any symptoms.