Hydroxytrol Reviews

Hydroxytrol Reviews

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Hydroxytrol is a weight loss nutritional supplement that is designed and manufactured by Foundation Nutraceuticals. Its distributor is currently World Class Nutrition. The official website for Hydroxytrol is currently a very basic single sales page, without very much actual information about the drug, nor mention of the ingredients it contains or any contact information for anyone who would be able to provide this data. However, the Foundation Nutraceuticals website does provide the information that the official Hydroxytrol website is lacking.

The ingredients in Hydroxytrol are: Hydroxagen 2000mg, Guarana Extract 950 mg, Mahuang Extract (standardized for 10 mg of Ephedra alkaloids) 167 mg, L-Carnitine 125 mg and Chromium Picolinate 325 mg. What is beneficial about this list is that it not only contains the ingredients themselves, but also their quantities. What is not beneficial about this list is that some of the ingredients are among those that are causing a great deal of controversy in the medical community about not only their efficacy but also their safety.

Guarana Extract, for example, is a stimulant like caffeine, only much more powerful. Many diet pill companies are using this ingredient as a replacement or even addition to caffeine, stating that it is safer. However, guarana extract has been known to cause headaches, irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, angina, and is suspected to have a seizure-triggering effect in some situations.

Mahuang Extract is the Chinese term for ephedra. This is an ingredient that has been banned by the FDA but that is often used in formulas manufactured outside the United States (often in Europe or Brazil) because it may cause some appetite suppression. Unfortunately, the reason that the FDA banned it is that it is unsafe, causing irregular heartbeats, seizures, heart attack, stroke, or even sudden death.

Chromium, according to the Mayo Clinic, is likely safe, but though many weight loss drug manufacturers say that it will decrease the appetite while increasing the speed at which calories are burned, while building lean muscle, the Mayo Clinic also says that there is not enough reliable scientific evidence to show that it performs any of these tasks.

Because of these ingredients with questionable efficacy and safety, red flags certainly raise throughout the examination of the contents of the formula. Hydroxytrol has, in fact, been banned for use within the U.S. For many health reasons it is advisable to consider another option for helping you to lose weight. Speak with your doctor about the right choice for you.

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