Thermophedra Reviews

Thermophedra Reviews

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Thermophedra diet pills are weight loss drugs that include 25 mg of ephedra in every dose. This drug is no longer sold in the United States because ephedra has been banned by the FDA as a substance that can lead to dangerous health effects.

Thermophedra diet pills were once marketed as having an ephedra blend that would provide its user with a metabolism boost, an increase in energy, a better move, and appetite suppression. It claimed to be a fat burning pill that worked just as well as “old ephedra” but without the negative side effects. That said, as it does still include ephedra, it remains an illegal drug in the United States.

Ephedra is an ingredient in Thermophedra diet pills that was once used in diet pills as a thermogenic and a stimulant. It was thought to work by stimulating the brain, restricting the blood vessels, increasing the heart rate, while it opens the bronchial tubes so that breathing is eased. Thermogenic effects increase the amount of heat produced by the body, resulting in a boost in the metabolism.

Thermophedra diet pills also include hoodia gordonii, green tea extract, guarana extract, and bitter orange extract among other active ingredients in its formula.

Though hoodia gordonii has received a great deal of hype about its appetite suppressing effects, studies have shown that it is no more effective than a placebo in achieving this goal.

While green tea extract is known to have some ability to speed the metabolism, it requires a significant amount of the substance in which to be effective. This formula does not contain the amount of green tea that was used in clinical studies in order to achieve positive weight loss results.

The guarana in Thermophedra diet pills is a stimulant that is known to effectively boost energy levels. This will help users more easily exercise without suffering from fatigue as it provides a greater amount of energy and endurance regardless of the fact that fewer calories are being consumed.

Bitter orange extract is an ingredient that contains synephrine, which is a cousin chemical to ephedra. This ingredient has generated a great deal of controversy among experts, as initial studies have shown that it may be associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. That said, further study is needed before this can be conclusively stated.

Be wary of anyone selling this product in the United States as it is no longer legal and is considered hazardous to human health by the FDA.

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