Herbal Teas and Weight Loss

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Dieting is hard work, and anyone going through the process is looking for something to give them a little edge. Sometimes, results are disappointing, and those on a diet will quit due to that. To help out, there are plenty of extra things a person can do. One such thing would be to try a variety of different herbal teas that are said to aid in weight loss. Some work and some do not, and they work in different ways. Some of these can have surprising results for most dieters.


Before you start trying herbal teas (and even coffees) be sure that this is something allowed in your diet plan. The tea might not be the problem, but rather, the caffeine. Some diets do not allow it. Don't let this stop you, however, as you will just have to go with the decaffeinated versions of herbal teas. Almost all types come in this form. Another thing to think about is what you are going to put into your teas. Remember that creams have fat and calories, as does sugar. Go with a sugar substitute acceptable on your diet and use skim milk if counting fat calories.


One very popular type of herbal tea used in weight loss is green tea. You will find many diet products that contain green tea, but your best bet is to drink the tea instead of taking those products. However, both can be effective. This tea is known to aid in weight loss because it can help with appetite suppression – which is a huge key to weight loss. Green tea can also aid in burning more calories if five cups are ingested each day.


Other types of teas that can help with weight loss include those that contain things like Cinnamomum, Tamala, Fennel Aniseed, and Senna Leaves. Separately or together they can help with appetite suppression, can stimulate metabolism, and can also help you feel fuller longer. You may not realize it, but some hunger pains are actually signs of dehydration. Drinking teas throughout the day are beneficial for that reason alone. Don't forget to drink water in addition to your teas.


It is important to remember that drinking herbal teas for weight loss is helpful, but not the answer. These are great for some extra help, but will not help enough to be your sole dieting tool. Remember that eating the right foods in the right portions and a good exercise plan are always going to be the basic tools of any good diet plan. Without those things, no amounts of herbal teas are going to help.