4 Powerful Weight Loss Drugs That Work

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When it comes to prescription medications, there are a large number of powerful weight loss drugs available. These are all meant to be used by people suffering from obesity. For that reason, they will not be prescribed to people who want to drop the pounds for only cosmetic reasons.

If you do have obesity and are looking for powerful weight loss drugs, speak to your doctor about the various options available to you. They are not all the same and different medications are appropriate for different dieters.

Keep in mind that even when you’re using powerful weight loss drugs, you still need to make healthy lifestyle changes as prescribed by your doctor. These mainly include changes to your diet and activity level. That said, you may need to make other changes, as well.

The following are some of the prescription diet medications to discuss with your doctor.

Powerful Weight Loss Drugs to Discuss with Your Doctor

• Phentermine 

Among the most common diet drugs, Phentermine has been available to Americans for over sixty years. It works as a type of powerful stimulant which gives obesity patients energy. It also reduces their appetite and may speed up fat burning. It’s important to be careful with this medication because it comes with a range of potential side effects. Moreover, it can be addictive and may cause withdrawal symptoms if its use is stopped abruptly.

• Orlistat 

This medication is a fat blocker sold under the brand name Xenical. It works by reducing the amount of dietary fat an obesity patient’s body will absorb. That way, he or she won’t take in as many calories from the fats being eaten with meals and snacks. It’s important to follow a diet very carefully when taking Orlistat. Eating too much fat can cause a large amount of it to be blocked. The result can be that these powerful weight loss drugs produce a number of uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing side effects. It is very important to remain within easy reach of a bathroom when using this pill.

• Qsymia 

Qsymia is a newer pill that combines Phentermine with Topiramate, an anticonvulsant drug. It works in a similar way to Phentermine, only these powerful weight loss drugs combined can produce improved results. That said, they also come with an increased risk of side effects as Qsymia is made with two prescription drugs, not just one.

• Contrave 

Contrave is a combination of naltrexone HCI and bupropion HCl. It is meant to be used as an appetite suppressant to make it easier for people to eat less and cut down on calories. It’s important to know that these powerful weight loss drugs can cause serious side effects. Discuss them with your doctor before you fill your prescription.