Small Ways to Cut Back on Calories Every Day

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When it comes to being able to cut back on calories there will need to be some changes in your regular everyday diet. You’ll want to make better food choices and exercise some portion control. However, it’s also important to focus on making some small changes, too. After all, learning some of the smaller ways to cut back on calories can help you to lose weight in a big way. Certainly, no single small trick will provide the key to all the weight you want to lose. However, these little techniques will add up and their benefits will start to become visible on the scale every week or two. Think about it. A tiny change or two in the name of being able to cut back on calories may not seem like much, but wouldn’t you be willing to stick to them if it meant you’d see another pound gone every week or two? Of course you would! Use the following little tricks to slash back your calories in a way that will add up: · Eat with the other hand – if you’re right handed, eat with your left hand. If you’re left handed, eat with your right. Studies have shown that this will help to make you focus more on your eating. It will slow you down and it will cause you to pay attention to the motions you’re making. Instead of continuing to eat out of habit, you’ll be more likely to stop once you start to feel full or you know you’ve had enough.

· Do yoga – this may sound like a strange thing to link with cutting your calories, but research has shown that people who do yoga to reduce their stress are also less likely to eat for comfort. Without the added stress and anxiety, you’ll be more satisfied by your meals and snacks and will be less likely to overeat.

· Eat prunes and dates – studies have shown that eating five to six ounces of prunes on a daily basis can help people to lose weight more quickly. The high fiber in foods like prunes and dates help to make you feel fuller faster and longer. This way, you’re less likely to overeat other foods if you’ve had these as a snack.

· Take an appetite suppressant – If hunger has been causing you to eat too many calories every day, use a clinically proven appetite suppressant such as APEX TX5.