Myths and Facts About Gluten Free Eating for Weight Loss

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Gluten free eating for weight loss has become very popular over the last few years. That said, the practice is coated in both myths and facts. This can make it very difficult for a dieter to know whether or not the right choices are being made.

Is Gluten Free Eating for Weight Loss Right for You?

There are certain groups of people who must rely on gluten free eating for weight loss and overall health. For example, people with celiac disease must eliminate that substance for health reasons. In people with celiac disease, consuming gluten creates an adverse reaction leading to intestinal cell damage. The result can threaten the individual’s health.

People with non-celiac glutens sensitivity must also reduce or eliminate their consumption of the substance. This treatment is important to decrease their own symptoms.

Have You Fallen for Myths About Gluten Free Eating for Weight Loss?

Many people believe that gluten free eating for weight loss is an effective way to lose weight. Alternately, many people feel it is a healthier way to eat for the general population. Unfortunately, those claims are entirely without reputable medical or scientific support.

People with celiac disease and with gluten sensitivities can benefit by protecting their health. However, there isn’t any evidence that people without those conditions benefit by eliminating gluten. In fact, some studies are starting to show that unnecessary gluten free diets can lead to more harm to a person’s health than good.

Furthermore, many gluten free food products sold in stores are considerably higher in sugars, fats, calories and/or sodium than their typical alternatives. This means that they are often less healthy and may also make it more challenging to achieve weight loss. Just because a food doesn’t contain gluten, it doesn’t necessarily make it better for health or weight loss.