Top Weight Loss Tips from Clinical Nutritionists

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If you’re looking for the top weight loss tips you can use for healthy and effective long term weight loss, the internet sure has no shortage of options. However, they aren’t created equal and, depending on which ones you choose, you’re just as likely to do yourself harm as you are to give yourself a hand. For that reason, it’s always wise to look for the types of advice shared by clinical nutritionists and other experts in the field instead of taking the next viral meme at face value.

To help you in that area, here are some of the top weight loss tips being shared by clinical nutritionists in order to provide dieters with a healthier way to shed the pounds. In fact, many of these tips aren’t just good for weight loss. They can also be handy for weight management because many of them are simply based on developing better eating habits and a healthier relationship with food. If you’re looking for a bit of help to streamline your dieting strategy and boost the results you’re getting from the way you eat, consider these tips.

Weight loss is a journey, not a destination

All the best clinical nutritionists will tell you that their top weight loss tips have to do with creating a lifestyle, not a strategy for a single goal. If your plan is to diet until the weight is gone, only to return to your old habits after that point, then you’re fast tracking to yo-yo body weights.

Sugars aren’t all the same

Yes, sugar is sugar. Yes, it’s important to keep all sugar consumption within certain limits. However, it’s also important to know that some sources of sugar are far preferable to others. Table sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners should be consumed as little as possible with the ideal being to eliminate them altogether. That said, sugars in fruits are more natural and come with a huge number of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other fantastic nutrients. While it’s likely not in your best interest to eat only fruit all day long, a moderate amount of fruit on a daily basis shouldn’t be avoided due to its sugar content.

Gluten free foods aren’t necessarily good for you

Gluten has developed quite a nasty reputation. It has been blamed for all sorts of symptoms that it likely doesn’t cause in the average healthy individual. As a result, companies have tried to profit from this fad by selling a wide spectrum of gluten free products. For people who have celiac disease or who have an actual gluten allergy or intolerance, that’s great news as it provides them with more options. Everyone else should realize that eating gluten free products typically isn’t among the top weight loss tips from clinical nutritionists because those products are just as likely to be unhealthy as any other similar packaged product.