You’ve Been Told Not to Use This Weight Loss Habit, But Now You Should!

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Some types of weight loss habit can keep us on track and make sure we’re always doing what needs to get done to lose the pounds. Others can hold us back. Those in the latter category are meant to be avoided so we can get the most out of every effort we make to drop the unwanted fat on our bodies.

Among the kinds of weight loss habit we’re always told not to build is to weigh ourselves every day. That said, recent research has shown that this advice may not be as good as we once though. It may be that weighing ourselves more frequently is better for weight loss results than expected.

Why the Daily Weigh-In Weight Loss Habit Was Discouraged

Daily self weighing was, until recently, discouraged as a weight loss habit. The idea was that getting on the scale every day doesn’t give you a clear picture of actual progress. Within any span of 24 hours, weight can fluctuate from issues other than fat loss or gain. This can include from:

As a result, people who weigh themselves daily may receive a distorted picture of their progress. They may feel that they’re not getting anywhere when it just means that they’d had a meal the night before that hadn’t yet made it through the full digestive process. It could mean that they had something salty and are retaining more water than usual. This was, therefore, discouraged as a weight loss habit.

Why You Can Weigh Yourself Daily After All

New research has found that even if this weight loss habit doesn’t provide a precisely accurate measure of fat burning, it is still helpful. The results of the study were published in the Obesity journal. They found that people who weigh themselves each day stay more motivated. They hold themselves more accountable to their dieting strategies.

With more motivation, their efforts are more likely to continue over the long-term. Research has also shown that the most effective weight management efforts are sustainable ones. Therefore, daily weigh-ins may be quite helpful to dieters who need that drive to keep it up. Moreover, when done over time, they come to understand their trends and know that each day’s individual measurement isn’t make-or-break for their success.