Top 5 Diets That Work Fast

Diets That Work Fast

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There are so many diets out there that it can almost make your head spin. Just when you thought you had seen it all, you will find that another diet is quickly introduced on the scene. Though they all promise that you can lose weight by following their strict regimen, they definitely don’t all work the same. You are going to have to put something in to get something out, but the way that the diet is designed and what it will help you do is important to know before you start. Understand that not all diets work the same. You want diets that work fast and help you get results that you can hold onto for the long term.


Though these may get criticism from some people, they do offer help in a quicker way than just trying to do it yourself. You will find that you learn to really listen to your body with these diets as you learn proper portion control. You will find that you don’t need as much to help you feel full when you turn to such diets, and therefore they can help you with that weight loss in the right way. Much of the criticism around any of these diets comes from the fact that they may not necessarily help you in the long term. Though you may not necessarily follow these diets for the rest of your life, they give you a good healthy platform to start your weight loss efforts off of and then you can take it with you moving forward.


Not all diets are created the same, but these are the diets that work fast and help you with weight loss right away. You can enjoy the results and then create that healthy foundation to help you beyond what these diets have to offer.


1. Weight Watchers: What makes this so handy is that you get a point based system that assigns point values to every single food you might eat. You use this to help you determine how much you can eat each day, and therefore you are working towards natural portion control. You learn what the high point foods are and therefore save them for special occasions. You even get more points to use when you exercise. This point system takes the guess work out, and as long as you record your points you keep it all under control and lose weight by eating the right food and practicing portion control.


2. Atkins: Nobody will dispute that cutting out all carbs is a great way to lose weight quickly. If you follow this diet though you want to be sure that you know what constitutes as a carb, for that can be quite confusing at times. The Atkins diet is designed to help you focus on protein and vegetables, therefore cutting out carbs that can be responsible for packing on the pounds. This is one of those diets that work fast because once you cut out the carbs you will find that you do lose weight rather quickly, and if you can maintain it then you can create this type of foundation for the long term as well.

3. The Biggest Loser Diet: It’s true that there are a lot of extremes in this diet, and in some cases cutting your calories drastically may be important. This diet is based on a lot of lean proteins, good fats, and loads of fruits and vegetables. It promotes eating smaller portions of food overall, and that’s a key distinction between this and other diets. You will eat as you need the fuel, but you won’t eat as much as you were used to in the past. You will also complement what you eat on this diet with a lot of exercise which will help you burn calories in a really effective way.


4. Jenny Craig: Though there may be some criticism around this diet, it does work and it has helped many people. You are essentially getting meal replacements in the form of shakes, but the bulk of this diet is based on buying the food that they have available. It is big on healthy ingredients and portion control, which is what will help you lose the weight quickly. You do have to purchase their food, but it does take the guesswork out of what you will eat for each meal—and this sets you up for some success very quickly!


5. The Mediterranean Diet: You are emulating a culture that eats well, lives longer, and enjoys better health, including weight control, so it has to work. The reason that this is one of the diets that work fast is that you aren’t depriving yourself but rather are eating natural and healthy foods. You aren’t cutting out carbs but you are focused on whole grains, you are eating a lot of beans and legumes, and you are enjoying lean proteins and loads of vegetables. You also get to enjoy special treats once in awhile so you may lose weight quickly, and even be able to use this to help you in the long term.

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