Slim in 6

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Slim in 6 is a workout program by Debbie Siebers from BeachBody and is intended to be a 6 week exercise program. This program is made especially for people who are around the age of 50 and under, due to the intense workout. In addition to Slim in 6's intense workout plan, it also encourages you to follow the 6-Day Express Diet Plan, a basic 6-Day diet program that should be done in addition to the exercises for maximum weight loss.


Slim in 6 is no easy exercise video, you have to workout very hard, many people don’t get through the whole workout video, but as time passes you will build endurance and as a result, you are going to be able to finish the whole workout. You burn calories like crazy with this exercise program. As a said before this is a very intense workout video, but trust me, this will pay of at the end when you have a great body.


Slim in 6 recommends you do there exercise program 5 times a week. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like the gym, or doesn’t have lots of motivation to do exercise-then this video may help a lot. The price of Slim in 6 is not cheap, but its not overpriced either if you compare it to similar programs.


The Slim in 6 food plan follows a low fat, balanced regimen. The only draw-back is that the diet plan is only for 6 days and this diet, which has to be repeated over and over, becomes boring.


Speaking of boring, despite many, many good reviews, many Slim in 6 workout users did have one complaint - the workout is repetative and boring. This can be a real motivation killer if you struggle to keep yourself interested in dieting even on a good day. It is something to keep in mind before spending the money on this program.


Cost - Slim in 6


The price of Slim in 6 is around $50, but you can find it cheaper online, especially on eBay. When you buy this product it includes 5 DVDs, a nutrition guide, a good looking printed journal and a 6 day diet plan.