Can 15 Minute Workouts Really Make a Difference? (Yes!)

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A quick search online can show you hundreds of 15 minute workouts. That said, can exercising for such a short period of time really produce results? Interestingly, the answer can be “yes.” The key is to make sure you’ve used that time to its fullest and that you do it often enough.

What Difference Can 15 Minute Workouts Make?

Provided you put everything into it, 15 minute workouts can make a big difference. It’s not just about burning calories (although that is a factor). You can get a great deal more out of being active for these short bursts of time. This is particularly true if you do more than one session per day.

Consider the following benefits of 15 minute workouts:

Faster Results

High intensity interval training (HIIT) for ten or fifteen minutes can bring you faster results than 45 minutes of moderate intensity. This technique helps you to push your body to a new level. This style of activity, incorporated into 15 minute workouts, makes sure you see the outcome of your efforts.

Blast Through Calories

Again, if you’re using HIIT 15 minute workouts, you can burn more calories as you exercise. Research shows that as long as you use this technique, you’ll burn through more calories for every minute of exercise you do than you would if you did a steady activity for 40 minutes. This is certainly good news for people who don’t have a lot of time to squeak exercise into their schedules.

Live a Longer Life

European Society of Cardiology scientists found that people who did 15 minute workouts on most days of the year for about a 12 year period were less likely to die during that period than people who did not exercise. Even if that workout consisted of a brisk walk, it made a significant difference to their likelihood to live. If your goal is to live a long life, give yourself that quarter of an hour per day! It makes a difference.

Improved Weight Management

You don’t need to exercise for hours per day to get your weight under control. If you eat right and add 15 minute workouts to your days, you’ll equip yourself with improved weight management. Research shows that this amount of activity is enough to make a difference.