20 Reasons to Exercise

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There are more reasons to exercise than to just lose weight. Getting regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and will keep your body strong for years to come. Even if you start out slowly at first, just by walking around the block, by just getting up and moving you are doing your body a world of good.


Exercise and Metabolism

Working out burns lots of calories and speeds up your metabolism so your body naturally begins to consume calories at a higher rate than a sedentary person even when you're not exercising. Bottom line: You can control your weight without starving yourself by eating a healthy, balanced diet if you incorporate an equally healthy weight loss exercise program into your weekly schedule.


By setting an exercise goal, however modest, and progressing toward it, you become more self-assured. As you begin to feel and look fitter and healthier, you gain confidence.


Exercising when you are overweight poses some challenges at first. Before you begin any exercise program, it is recommended that you get a physical from your doctor. Once you've been given the green light for exercise then start out slowly, gradually increasing the intesity of your workouts.Low-impact exercises are great for people who are carrying excess weight and find more traditional activities, such as jogging, uncomfortable or painful.


20 Reasons to Exercise

Aside from weight loss, improved body shape, and better mood, here are 20 more reasons to exercise:


  1. To increase your endurance

  2. To make you less susceptible to disease

  3. To strengthen your heart muscles

  4. To improve your complexion

  5. To reduce tension and enable you to handle stress more effectively

  6. To help you lose weight and keep it off

  7. To improve your circulation

  8. To lift your spirits

  9. To improve your sleep

  10. To clear your mind and make you more alert by stepping up the flow of blood to the brain

  11. To relieve depression

  12. To elevate beta-endorphin levels in your blood, which helps to relieve pain

  13. To cause your nervous system to function more efficiently

  14. To increase self-esteem, confidence, and a feeling of self-worth

  15. To ease your heart's work load by causing your muscles to use oxygen more efficiently

  16. To relieve menopausal symptoms

  17. To relieve tension headaches

  18. To ease back problems by strengthening stomach muscles as well as muscles of the lower back

  19. To reduce neck and shoulder pain

  20. To purify your blood by increasing the oxygenation level and elimination of waste products