Active Versus Sedentary: The Calorie Burning Difference

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We can all stand to enjoy some improvement in some capacity of our lives, and that’s why you need to understand the active versus sedentary lifestyle. Though you may have been in a sedentary state for awhile now, the truth is that you can get up off that couch at any time. It’s never too late to start working out and getting in better shape, and so you want to consider the many benefits to this! Many people feel fearful about starting up their workouts, but if you see how many wonderful benefits there are to an active lifestyle it will give you that motivation that you need. Though this can be a hard thing to take on at first, if you stick with it then you will enjoy this for a long time to come.


The first thing to note in an active versus sedentary lifestyle is that it can take a positive effect almost immediately. Consider just a simple example of working out on an elliptical and you will see this at work. Obviously the exact amount of calories burned depends upon your age, weight, and things of that nature, not to mention how fast you are working. However if you consider the fact that you can burn around 250-350 calories just from a half hour on an elliptical, this highlights the fact that it’s truly worth the investment You may not realize that this is worth it after one workout, but try adding this to your regimen several times a week and it will add up.


Burning More Calories During a Workout and Long After


As you consider an active versus sedentary lifestyle you also must consider what you burn at rest. When you engage in something such as weight training, you are helping to add muscle tone to the body. This naturally helps you to burn more calories during a resting state. This in turn causes your metabolism to speed up, and the end result is that you can enjoy a calorie burning state well after that workout. So adding a strength training component to the mix will help you to move up to an active lifestyle quickly and efficiently.


Though the changes may seem subtle at the time, an active versus sedentary lifestyle can help you in so many ways. Just getting involved in working out four times a week will help and then you can just keep adding to it. You will feel more energized, you will burn more calories even after the workout, and the changes will become noticeable. Burning just some calories each day can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a natural way of losing the weight and keeping it off. So if you needed a reason to get active before, now is the time to change this aspect of your life and enjoy the effects moving forward.