Why Women Shouldn't Worry about Bulky Muscles

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Ladies, most of us think that looking attractive means having a trim and lean body. Well, that might very well be true, but it doesn’t mean that we have to freak out all the time about building bulky muscles. Women shouldn’t be worrying about this issue, at least for the most part; but alas, many of them do. With all the pressure to look your best, figuring out what to concern yourself with can be a task in and of itself. Girls, we’re here to let you know here and now that you shouldn’t really worry about bulky muscles.

What Causes Muscle Bulkiness?

In order for the muscles in your body to bulk up like, say, a man’s might, your body mass index (BMI) must be extremely low. On top of that, you would have to lift a lot of extremely heavy weights, forget about proper stretching each and every time, and do all of this for an inordinate amount of time. Do you realize how difficult it is for a woman to build bulky muscles of the sort someone might see on a modern female bodybuilder? It is such a tiresome task that it is nearly impossible for someone to do by accident.

What’s the Female Advantage over Bulky Muscles?

As mentioned, bulky muscles are most easily achieved when the body is low on fat. However, as a female, you are naturally host to a slightly higher body mass index by default. This does not mean that you are chubbier than your male counterpart but, rather, that your body inherently requires more fat to maintain proper functions. With curves and brains accounted for, this is not too bad of a deal for the ladies. At the end of the day, it prevents you from developing bulky muscles while protecting you from a bunch of problems.

How Do I Know When Enough Is Enough?

Eating right and getting plenty of exercise is very important to a person’s overall health and happiness, regardless of whether one is a man or a woman. Ladies are usually encouraged to do certain types of workouts while refraining from others, but if you pace yourself, do proper stretches, eat a well-balanced diet, and keep your health in mind, you should have no concerns about bulky muscles. If you require more information, speak with a doctor or with a certified personal trainer.