Dangerous Workouts for Pregnant Women

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If you talk to your obstetrician, you will probably hear that it is still okay to work out while you are pregnant. In fact, it is often recommended that a woman be active at least a short period of time each day during her pregnancy. However, it can be difficult to know which exercises you should be doing and which ones you should be avoiding. Knowing as much as possible about dangerous workouts for pregnant women will help to keep you and your unborn baby healthy, happy, and safe.

1. Weight Loss Exercises

You should not be worried about losing weight while you are pregnant. After all, that is the time in your life when it is okay to put on the pounds. Among the most dangerous workouts for pregnant women are weight loss endeavors. Unless your doctor specifies otherwise, you should not be trying to shed unwanted weight while you are expecting a child because it can cause some pretty serious problems for you and the baby.

2. Anything That Bounces or Jars You

If you are expecting a baby, then it is about time for you to stop doing those jumping jacks and what-not. Participating in anything that requires you to bounce or become jarred by something is not a good idea. This can cause trauma to your baby and can damage your body in some surprising ways. Ask a fitness trainer if you are unsure about which exercises fall under this category.

3. Contact Sports

For most women, it is pretty obvious that participating in any kind of contact sport during pregnancy is a really bad plan. Doing anything that might get you tackled or that could put you in the direct line of a speeding ball or puck is absolutely dangerous. Good workouts for pregnant women are supposed to be gentle yet effective, so hockey, football, or rugby are out of the question until you have your baby.

4. Laying on Your Back

There are some workouts for pregnant women that require you to lie down on your back. Although this is generally not unsafe, it can be quite uncomfortable after even a very short time. As your uterus and unborn child both grow larger, your spine can grow weaker. Laying down to do an exercise can hurt badly or put undue strain on your muscles and spinal cord. Just be careful when you are doing this and keep in mind that pregnancy is no time for a sit-up.