The Best Exercises for Obese Teens

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Since obesity is quite an epidemic these days, it’s important to think through what the very best exercises for obese teens may be. It’s counterintuitive to some parents, as they feel that their kids are more active than ever before. As they watch their children be involved in numerous activities, they wonder how kids can become obese in the first place. The reality is that teens are eating more junk and processed foods than ever before. Though today’s kids may be busy and on the go in some respects, they are also more sedentary in their lifestyles than kids once were. Any downtime is spent sitting in front of the TV or computer, or playing video games, so the obesity problem is really no surprise. Recognizing the problem, and then working to fix it as a parent, is so very important for their long term.


The key to finding the best exercises for obese teens is to focus on fun. Find something that you can do together and try to keep it light and enjoyable. If they foresee it as another structured activity or perceive that you may consider them fat, then they may not be receptive. Start small by going for walks in the evening—or be more ambitious and take longer hikes on the weekend. That can be a great way to get in some bonding time with your teen while also getting him or her up, moving, and active. You may even suggest taking a fun group class with your teenager since everyone can benefit from some activity. Try a kickboxing, spin, or even cardio and strength-training class. If it’s fun and it’s something you can actually do together, there are even more benefits.


Keep It Fun, and They Will Love the Results


Another thing to consider with regard to the best exercises for obese teens is that the activities have to be effective. This means that you are trying to set a precedent of making fitness a habit and part of the daily norm. Set your teen up with a personal trainer that matches his or her personality. You can also set him or her up with some good workout DVDs that keep things interesting and effective. Offer little challenges and then reward teens when they reach their goals.


Possible exercise routines for teens could include circuits, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), or another workout program that they can build upon. It will challenge your teen, but this means results. Some of the most effective cardio exercises for obese teens are running, swimming, hiking, or the elliptical. Then you will find that adding in some strength training helps teens to build muscle, rev up the metabolism, and burn calories well after the workout is over.


Get to the root of the problem, be involved as a parent and participate in the exercises, and keep it fun. If your teen sees that exercise can be fun but also help them to shed some unwanted weight, they are likely to stick to it. Get your teen involved in finding things that interest him or her. Then you will have yourself a winning combination to help your teen move forward to long-term health and success!