Why Extreme Workouts Should Be Avoided by Those over 40

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We tend to overdo things when we want results, but extreme workouts may actually work against you in the long run. Though this may be something that can help you to lose weight or transform your body at a certain time in your life, these workouts may cause more harm than good as you age. You may want to whip your body into shape, but if you suffer an injury, then it’s simply not worth it. Do be sure to think it through, get help from a personal trainer, and talk to your doctor. For many people, though, once they reach a certain age, these are not advisable overall.


Extreme workouts are the type that ask a lot out of your body. They ask you to get in on the act with every single body part. They ask you to sweat it out or engage in some really extraordinary measures, all in the name of good health. When you are in your twenties or thirties, you are in prime shape to take these on and get results. You will notice the transformation, and you can handle the extremes. Once you pass the age of 40, though, you may not get the same results. You may be more prone to injury as the body is changing. You may take much longer to bounce back and, therefore, by trying to do a good thing, you may actually hurt yourself in the long run.


Always Know What Your Body Is Telling You and What It Needs


Extreme workouts are those that demand results. What you aren’t considering is that, after the age of 40, not only is your body different but so, too, are your hormones. Once women reach this stage of their lives, losing weight may be harder, and the same goes for men. The hormone levels and the changing of your body overall may make extreme workouts much more strenuous on you. Although you may get some results, it will be much slower; and though you keep working harder, you won’t get anywhere. This is where you usually get hurt or cause some type of ailment by trying to push yourself beyond your means.


If you think about extreme workouts at any age, it’s about learning to listen to your body. When something doesn’t feel right, or when you notice that your body is trying to fight back, then it’s likely time to call it quits. When you find that you are not getting the same results, then it may be that you are asking too much of your body and it’s giving you the opposite results. Remain in control and know your specific limitations. If you think these things through beforehand, then you can work at your own level and be sure that you get the most out of your workouts. These workouts for people over 30 are a great way to stay in shape without taking things too far.