Daily 30-Minute Fitness Routine for Teens

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For many of us, our childhoods were very active. It was adolescence that kicked the pins out from under our regular exercise. This helps to show why the right fitness routine for teens can be very important to future health. The habits built during this time in a life can help to dictate the lifestyle that will be maintained in adulthood.


If you aren’t active as a teenager, then it will be much more challenging to become so as an adult. Therefore finding a great fitness routine for teens can be the perfect option for establishing the right habits to live a long and healthy life. It will help to prevent issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and many other conditions while building a strong, healthy body and a confident, alert mind.


One of the keys to a successful fitness routine for teens is to keep it short. Thirty minutes is an effective amount of time and nearly everyone can spare that much time. Particularly because it doesn’t need to be done every day of the week. Five times per week is ideal, with a day of rest every two to three days.


When keeping the length of time in mind, it’s also important to realize that the exact same fitness routine can’t be repeated every day. For one thing, that will get very boring, very fast. For another thing, it will only work certain specific muscles but will leave others entirely unused. A great workout is one that doesn’t necessarily use the exact muscle groups that were used the day before.


It’s also very important to take on exercises that you actually like. If you hate doing it, then the odds are that you won’t keep it up. Look for exercises that you can do outside, particularly at the beginning. There is something therapeutic about being outside when you exercise. It makes the experience more appealing and peaceful and the time goes by much more quickly. A thirty minute brisk walk around a neighborhood is far more appealing than the same activity on a treadmill.


Make sure to mix both cardio workouts with strength training. Each have their value and they’re both very important. Many teens benefit from doing a day of cardio, a day of strength training, another day of cardio and then a day off before repeating the cycle. If you’re curious about which specific workouts are best for you, speak with your doctor about getting started on the right foot.