Get Out of The Cold With These Indoor Cardio Exercises

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When the cold of winter calls it can feel hard to work out, but that’s why these indoor cardio exercises can help. Many people tend to use the cold bitter elements as an excuse not to work out. Don’t let that be you! Where there’s a will there’s a way and if you can focus on the right types of exercises that benefit you, they will pay off. Not only that but these are the types of exercises that can be done anywhere and ensure that you always stay on track. So if you want to lose weight, get fit, or change the shape of your body these are the best exercises to do year round.


One of the best indoor cardio exercises to do is a good mix of strength training and cardio. You can accomplish this through a good workout DVD or even a balanced group class. You may wish to meet with a personal trainer to get the hang of it, but a lot of group classes fit into every level. When you mix compound movements and cardio intervals this makes for a high intensity type of workout. In the end this benefits you because you are getting in a great workout and you never have to leave the warm comfortable indoor environment.


Find What You Like and Always Keep Moving No Matter What The Weather


There are great pieces of equipment at the gym or even that you can get at home which can help. The treadmill can be your best friend because you can run, walk, or jog and do so even when it’s awful outside. The elliptical and the stair climber also work well in a pinch. You can get in some great cardio and never have to worry about what it’s doing outside. You may also find that if you have access to an indoor pool that a great swim can do you wonders. We don’t tend to think of swimming as purely cardio, but it is and it’s also very easy on the joints, but highly effective.


When it comes to indoor cardio exercises you may find that keeping a library of workout DVD’s is the way to go. Not only can you mix it up with some great variety to keep the body guessing, but it also keeps you motivated and interested. You can do everything from interval training to high intensity or low intensity aerobics to Piloxing, and everything in between. You can keep up with the latest fitness trend or just focus on what you really enjoy. Whatever you go with, the best indoor cardio exercises are the ones that keep your interest and keep you moving even in the dead of winter.