5 Ways Jogging Keeps You Young

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We have all heard many points of evidence about how great exercise is for your overall well-being, but did you know that jogging keeps you young? According to recent studies, there are actually several reasons why this is absolutely true. After all, when was the last time you saw a jogger who looks old and haggard? Probably never. This is mainly due to the fact that taking a brisk jog can improve your health in many different ways.

It Helps You to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Jogging keeps you young from the inside out. By participating in some healthy running, you can actually lower and control your blood pressure. This ultimately reduces your chance of developing heart disease, which just so happens to be the number one killer of people in the modern world. On top of that, the reduction of heart problems also promotes better bone health and stalls out the onset of osteoporosis as well. Talk about feeling like a kid again!

It Keeps the Gray at Bay

According to some recently published studies performed on lab rats, jogging keeps you young because it actually prevents your hair from turning gray. Nothing says old age like a salt and pepper mane, which is why scheduling some jogging time might be a good idea if aging is an issue for you. It works because endurance exercises promote a general improvement in your health, as opposed to workouts that plateau after a while. For the best results, push yourself a little harder each time you go for a jog.

It Improves Your General Outlook on Life

It is a proven fact that people who are happier and more positive tend to live longer and fuller lives. It is also a proven fact that adequate exercise releases mood-enhancing endorphins into the bloodstream. In this way, jogging keeps you young because it drastically improves your mood and thereby increases your ability to see things in a positive light. Over time, this could translate into more longevity and the ability to enjoy the years you do have.

The Final Verdict

It is certain that jogging keeps you young. Those who jog regularly tend to have fewer disabilities, and they live longer, too. This empirical data comes down straight from a recent Stanford study—a reputable source for valuable fitness and nutrition information. Talk to your doctor if you have an specific questions.