Lack of Exercise Affects Weight Gain More Than Excess Calories

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If you haven’t ever stopped to think about how a lack of exercise affects weight gain, then you may want to consider it now. We tend to focus heavily on what we eat, which is important but only part of the equation. The foods that you eat do factor into weight gain as well as into your weight loss efforts. However, when you don’t exercise, you are missing out on a crucial component of weight management. You will find that you feel the negative effects of this far into the future, so it’s important to do something about your lack of physical activity in the here and now for positive change.


A lack of exercise affects weight gain in a variety of ways. First of all, the body is meant to be in motion. When you don’t give it that motion, then it stops functioning properly. The organs need activity, and so does the entire body. You are not burning any calories when you engage in a sedentary lifestyle. So the answer seems simple: if you want to lose weight, it boils down not only to eating right but also to exercising. This is the only surefire way to trim the fat and to get rid of the excess weight. If you’re not burning calories at all, then everything that you eat will eventually be stored as fat—and that’s not what you want in the big picture!


Lack of Exercise Hurts You Now and into the Long Term


Consider that lack of exercise affects weight gain in more profound ways, too. You may get injured more easily and thereby reinforce that sedentary lifestyle if you don’t get activity. You will get sick more often, and you will lack any energy that you need simply to function on a daily basis. The implications of not exercising go far above just weight gain, but it all starts there. When you don’t exercise regularly, you are hurting yourself in so many terrible ways. By getting in this activity, you work toward effective weight loss and better health overall.


Thus, a lack of exercise affects weight gain in more ways than you likely imagined. Even if you do eat right, without any activity the body begins to store this food as fat. You will find that you are sluggish, that you can’t even make it through your day, and that your quality of life is compromised. Therefore, to be your best, you certainly want to aim for regular exercise, which may be the most important part of a body transformation. This is how you lose the weight and keep it off; then you can balance it out with eating right, too.