Cardio Workout Tips for a Lasting Metabolism Boost

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We know that fitness is the key to losing weight and the right types of cardio workouts can create a lasting metabolism boost. What you may not realize is that the better shape that you get into and the more muscle tone that you replace for fat on the body, the faster the metabolism works. This means that you are burning more calories, even at rest, and that’s an ideal way to be. You do want to be sure to focus on the right types of exercises and ensure that cardio is combined with good strength training for the best effects.


The first thing to focus on within your cardio workouts to create that lasting metabolism boost is intensity. Just going to the gym and walking quickly on the treadmill won’t really get you anywhere in terms of burning calories. If however you add a level of intensity to it, that will really help to speed up that metabolism. So try to use an incline and go for more speed if on a machine. If you’re running then mix in hard running with softer jogs, therefore keep the intensity going strong. A good kickboxing or boot camp class makes you work hard the whole time and that gives you a real bang for your buck!


Keep The Body Working and Get a Good Metabolism Boost At The Same Time


You also want to look into intervals to get that lasting metabolism boost. That is to say that you are doing shorter bursts of activity and mixing it up with various intervals. This keeps the body guessing, adds variety, keeps the intensity alive, and really pushes a lot of different types of activities in a shorter term. So you could move from intervals of jogging and jumping jacks into burpees, mix in some strength training, go onto mountain climbers, and so on. These intervals aren’t just good at incorporating interest, but they also work well for boosting that metabolism quite well.


You want to mix it up when you use the best cardio workouts, because this will keep you motivated and also contribute to that lasting metabolism boost. Try swimming one day and then jogging the next, then mix it up with a spinning class, and so on. The more that you try new things the more that you get that metabolism working overtime. This will keep you going strong and also ensure that you are keeping up with truly effective workouts that will keep you at your best and ensure that the metabolism does the job for you.