5 Reasons to Love Plank Exercises

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To keep fit, we all must learn to love exercise. There are so many different kinds of exercise routines out, however, that many people never know which to try. There is one exercise out that is causing quite a hype, and it is called the plank. The plank exercises are fairly difficult but can be done by people of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. If you are one of the many who are wondering why this type of exercise is so amazing, read these five reasons why you need to try--and will love--the plank exercises.


1. Increases Your Upper Body Strength


Upper body strength is pretty important. No adult wants to have the strength of a child. The plank exercises work to improve your muscle and upper body strength by the position you hold during the exercise. In turn, your upper body strength starts to improve after the first workout session, leaving you lean and having the strength you’ve never had before.


2. Reduces Back Injury Risk and Strengthens the Back


Many people run the risk of injuring their back from a number of things: slip-and-fall accidents, car accidents, and even sleeping the wrong way. However, thanks to the plank exercises, you can strengthen your back and decrease your risk of hurting your back no matter what you are doing. It also helps to keep your back strong and healthy as you get older.


3. Improves Your Posture


This is one that men and women of all ages will love. Improving your posture can help you walk better, keep your muscles straightened, and keep you from getting injured. The planks exercises require you to have your body in perfect position, which means no slouching. After a few workout sessions with plank exercises, you learn to walk with perfect posture!


4. Sculpts the Perfect Abs


The plank exercises help you to work out every muscle group in your body--including your abdominal muscles. Groups of people who have done these exercises have seen a complete change in their bodies, and some have recorded that their abs look strong and defined. No one could ask for more than that!


5. Helps You Walk Better


In addition to helping with your posture, plank exercises can also really help you with your coordination--which can help you go for walks or even short runs with greater ease. The more you do the planking workout sessions, the more balanced and stronger you will become. This helps even when you do simple exercises like walking!


Plank exercises can help you in a number of ways. These are just five ways that have been confirmed by those who do planking exercise on a daily basis. If you want to improve your body and start a healthy, fit journey, add plank exercises to your workout regimen today! In addition to planking, try these yoga postures for the same benefits as well.