Can You Guess Which World Leader Just Created a Morning Fitness Video?

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Following a morning fitness video is a common activity for millions of people around the world. This is only made easier with video streaming as it has made it possible for anyone to create their own video if they want to.

Therefore, if you’re in the mood to do a morning fitness video focused on yoga, HIIT, or even dancing, the odds are that you have many different options available. That said, a recent development had the world raising its eyebrows when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi added a video to the web.

Prime Minister Modi’s Morning Fitness Video

Modi has never hidden the fact that he is a serious yoga practitioner. He speaks about the importance of the practice on a regular basis. He also enjoys discussing the health benefits of practicing this ancient Indian discipline.

That said, the Indian prime minister surprised the world when the 67-year-old shared a morning fitness video online. He used the video to invite people throughout his country to join him in his “refreshing and rejuvenating” exercises.

Viral Morning Fitness Video

Since it was first shared in June 2018, the morning fitness video has been viewed millions of times. At only 1:48 minuets long, viewers watch Modi outdoors and barefoot doing several exercises. This includes walking forward and backward, walking along a “five elements of nature” inspired track while he wields a wooden staff, and stretching his back over a boulder.

He said his goal was to share his morning exercises including, but not limited to yoga. The track he walked, for example, was inspired by the Panchtatvas, which are the five natural elements. Modi explained that he finds the exercises “extremely refreshing and rejuvenating” and added that he also practices breathing exercises.

Mixed Reviews

The internet being what it is, Modi’s morning fitness video received mixed reviews. It wasn’t difficult to laugh along with many of the dozens of memes that floated around social media at the time. There were some comments ranging from light hearted fun to downright trolling.

That said, there were also impressed with the prime minister’s attempt to be an example of a healthier lifestyle by setting a fitness example. Whatever your opinion on the video itself, it can’t be denied that it certainly had much of India – and the world, for that matter – talking about fitness and exercise in some capacity.