Losing Weight Can Bring Asthma Relief to Patients

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Weight loss can significantly lower incidences of asthma attacks. So, if you are an asthma patient, don’t be surprised if your doctor puts you on the weighing scale. Studies show there is almost a 48% to even 100% reduction of asthma symptoms in patients who lose weight. A lot of times people suffering from asthma don’t realize their subtle weight gain. They are so occupied with their asthma symptoms that the extra weight just creeps up on them. So, it’s definitely a wakeup call for asthmatics when they are recommended to lose weight for asthma relief.

How Does Weight Loss Bring Asthma Relief To Patients?
First of all, it’s no news that weight gain increases the risk of many long-term illnesses. Weight gain especially puts pressure on your heart and as a result, the first signs of problems are related to blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart related illnesses. Other than an increased risk of diseases, weight gain also hinders your overall mobility, making you reluctant to get physically active.

Moreover, people who are overweight respond poorly to asthma medication as compared to people with a healthy weight. A study done on 600 asthma patients by the Royal Brompton Hospital in London showed a correlation between asthma attacks and obese people was strong.

How Can Asthma Patients Lose Weight?
People suffering from asthma have trouble performing regular tasks. Climbing stairs, going for a run or enjoying the winter is difficult for them. Constant use of inhalers and medication for asthma relief makes them grow weary. So, how can someone who starts huffing and puffing by climbing a few steps, start a workout routine to lose weight?

Many people suggest restricting their diet and consuming fewer calories. However, this is not recommended for asthma patients because they are already prone to flu-like illnesses. Not consuming a proper diet will further compromise their immune system. Thus, a healthy diet is recommended, but significantly lowering calorie count is just not healthy. So, that leaves us with exercise.

Exercise might sound impossible for asthma patients because most of them anticipate asthma attacks during strenuous activities. However, upon realizing the amazing benefits, it will definitely get them to start working out. Through exercise, asthmatics can improve their lung capacity and overall lung function. The key is to start slow and steady, without expecting overnight results. To gradually start building stamina, start off with short power walks and slowly increase the length and frequency. After some time, your increased stamina will allow you to start jogging for long periods of time. Eventually, you can start cycling, strength training or even join a spinning class.

In summary, exercise will help you become more mobile, decrease the frequency of asthma attacks and also prevent other long-term illnesses. As an added bonus, your clothes will fit better and you will look amazing. Losing weight is a probable solution for asthma relief.