The Most Common Causes of Fever Without Symptoms

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We tend to think of fevers as something that affects only children, but many of us know otherwise. If you are somebody who has suffered from a fever at any point in time then you know firsthand that this can affect adults and can bring much discomfort with it. The problem is understanding what lies beneath, for if you have a fever without symptoms it may make you wonder what exactly is going on or contributing to the problem in general. It can of course worry you as an adult or make you think that something bigger is going on, but there may be a reasonable explanation for it in the end.


If you find that you feel fine but that you are hotter than usual, this is where the cause for concern generally comes in. You might find that the fever is present and that of course means that you worry because adults don’t get these as often as children. Even in children if a fever is present and that’s the only telltale sign that something is wrong, your mind may go to the worst possible place. It’s imperative to get behind the real reason for it or at least to understand what may be happening within the body. It’s important to remember that a fever is the body’s response to trying to fight off an infection or to help heal you from the inside out, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing in the end.


Though it’s not often the case, you may find that sometimes you develop a fever without symptoms and you want to understand what exactly is happening. Here we look at some of the most common causes and therefore what may lead your body to react to something in this way, and this insight is crucial to feeling your best.