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There are quite a few things that can go wrong with the body, and some of them pop up when you are dieting. At times, your dieting habits can contribute to the problem, or at the very least, can bring the problems to the surface. Gastritis is just one of these things, and it can be something that limits your life and makes dieting much harder. Understanding what gastritis is, how it comes about, and what you can do about it can get you back on track if you get the right treatment.


What is Gastritis?

Gastritis is an upset of the digestive system, most notably in the stomach. If you have ever had an ulcer, you have had gastritis. Many assume that ulcers are the result of stress, but that is not the case. Stress can make the problem worse, but it is not why a person develops gastritis. If you are experiencing abdominal bloating or pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, grating pain in the stomach before, during or after eating, and/or blood in the stools, you are probably looking at a case of gastritis.


Gastritis Symptoms

When gastritis is a concern, you should go to your doctor for immediate help. Ulcers can be a huge problem and can cause internal bleeding if left unchecked. A doctor can do a few things to see if this is what is going on with your system. They will run blood tests, do an upper endoscopy, and can do tests on your stool. You will also be asked about your medical history, and that of your family. Some of your eating habits and other symptoms could play a role in determining if you have gastritis or not as well.


Gastritis Treatment

If you understand the reasons why gastritis occurs, you can better understand what can be done to reverse the condition. Many times, some symptoms can be helped with a better diet and by avoiding alcohol as these things aggravate gastritis. In the majority of cases, gastritis is caused by a bacteria known as H. pylori. This should clear up with antibiotics. If the gastritis is determined to be caused by pernicious anemia, a B-12 shot may help. You will also be asked to avoid spicy foods and alcohol, and take a acid reducing medication until the condition improves.


The good news about a gastritis diagnosis is that it usually clears up rather quickly once proper medical treatments are administered. Though this can put a small dent in your dieting plans, it is important to stop where you are and follow all medical advice of your doctor. Once you have the condition cleared up, you can reevaluate your diet plans and continue, perhaps with more luck because the condition is not longer upsetting your digestive system.