Why It's Nearly Impossible to Be Sedentary and Healthy

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You may not realize the importance of the relationship, but there is a very direct link to how difficult it is to be sedentary and healthy. Sure you may have enjoyed fine health for some time, but it will often catch up with you. There are a lot of ways that people justify their lack of activity and it almost always adds up to disappointment and compromised health later on. This may not happen right away and it may take time to show itself, but when you are not active and strong then your health will suffer in the long run. If you don’t see this now, then understand how this all works so that you can try to stay ahead of it once and for all.


It’s true that it’s almost impossible to be sedentary and healthy, and there are a variety of reasons for this. First and foremost the body is meant to be in motion and active. This is the only way to get the toxins out properly and for you to get the organs functioning the way they are intended to. So the body in motion means that everything is working the way that it’s supposed to. This includes the metabolism, for a life of inactivity means that your metabolism slows down after awhile. This hurts you in so many ways because it means that you are in a bad position for burning calories and that means that everything you eat will end up being stored as fat.


There Are Direct and Indirect Impacts To This


Another reason that you will never be able to be sedentary and healthy is that you will often gain weight after a while. It may not happen as much when you are young and you have a fast metabolism but as you age you will see this. You will find that you gain weight more easily and that you have a harder time taking it off at that. So you may gain the weight, even eating the same foods that you always have, because your metabolism slows down tremendously. So as you are inactive you gain weight and this contributes to compromised health. When you are overweight you are much more likely to be prone to certain health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even worse as you age.


If you don’t believe the connection then just recognize that the negative illusion of being sedentary and healthy exists. You will feel this as you move forward and really come to see that there is a negative impact. You will feel like you are lacking natural energy and focus. You will feel as though you are missing out on an important part of life. This can all lead to stress and even depression if you are sedentary for too long. So get up off that couch and recognize that an active lifestyle benefits you in so many ways and therefore is well worth the investment of time that it takes—it benefits your life and your health in so many ways!