Body Temperature Considered a Cause of Obesity

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According to modern science, obesity is a serious weight issue that affects millions of people and is caused by a number of genetic and environmental factors. It turns out that researchers are pinpointing another cause of obesity which might leave some people with cold feet. Body temperature is now being linked to folks developing obesity, even in those who practice otherwise safe and healthy lifestyle habits. So, how could this be?


The Biology of Body Heat

Recent studies have been focusing on the mental and physical effects of different body temperatures for quite some time now. After extensive research, it seems as though there is a clear link between the body’s core temperature and weight gain. Body heat is an indication of how well a person is metabolizing foods. So, a low body temperature could actually end up being seen as a major cause of obesity for some people in the future.


A Massive Misunderstanding

For a long time, scientists and nutritionists thought that the main cause of obesity was a simple imbalance between the amount of food that was eaten and the amount of energy that was expelled. Blaming people for being lazy overeaters still left a vast majority of the population at a loss when it came to losing a significant amount weight. Luckily, modern science has now been able to dispel those massive misunderstandings and instead discover the finer nuances of unhealthy weight gain.


Innovative Treatments Underway

Because a person’s core body temperature is a clear indication of how much energy they are using, increasing that temperature might actually help a person lose more weight. Known as a “diurnal thermogenic handicap,” low core body temperatures, now being seen as a major cause of obesity, could eventually be elevated with the right therapies. In fact, the possibilities for new obesity treatments and cures could open up new avenues of opportunity for those who refuse to undergo invasive or potentially dangerous surgeries, take prescription medications, or exercise despite physical limitations.


Take the First Step in the Right Direction

While simple body temperature may be a main cause of obesity, it is still important that you speak with your doctor before taking matters into your own hands. Never try to artificially alter your core temperature for the purposes of losing weight. This mistake may cause significant health problems, and could negatively affect your metabolism over time.