Oxytocin May Boost Weight Loss for Men

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Weight loss for men and weight loss for women often require two different sets of lifestyle habits and diet plans. Modern science has been exploring these differences and as a result it has come up with some pretty remarkable fat-burning breakthroughs. In fact, recent studies are now showing how the hormone oxytocin can actually boost weight loss results for overweight and obese males. In order to take advantage of this new discovery, however, you will need to understand the basics of how it all works.


What is Oxytocin?

Oxytocin is not a drug. It is instead a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. A lot of people often refer to oxytocin as “the love hormone,” “the moral molecule,” and “the cuddle chemical,” mostly because of its effects on the human emotional response. These days, researchers are finding it difficult to ignore its ability to foster more weight loss for men. In fact, synthetic oxytocin is now being used as one of the main ingredients in many hormone weight loss promoting and hormone balancing drugs.


How Does Oxytocin Affect Weight Loss for Men?

Doctors and nutritionists all over the world are beginning to take notice of how effective oxytocin can be in weight loss for men. The latest studies show that when it is used via some sort of a synthetic nasal formula, oxytocin can drastically affect a person’s hunger levels. This means that elevated states of emotional bliss can actually deter a man from overeating and thus foster greater fat loss. In addition, oxytocin has been shown to significantly decrease unhealthy cravings as well, virtually eliminating the over-consumption of fatty foods (as seen in most of the people who participated in the various studies).


Is There Anything Else I Should Know about Oxytocin and Weight Loss for Men?

Aside from its remarkable ability to induce blissful emotions, oxytocin can actually improve the way a man’s body metabolizes blood sugar. According to experts at Harvard Medical School, oxytocin doesn’t require the use of over-the-counter or prescription drugs and can be increased in the body through several simple acts such as: hugging, kissing, having sex, and nursing. For those interested in weight loss for men, considering oxytocin levels might have a huge impact on how well you are able to achieve your goals.


For now, studies are still taking place to uncover the mysteries of oxytocin. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any synthetic hormone replacements.