The Newest Enlarged Prostate Treatment

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In the United States alone, millions of men are plagued by some sort of prostate issue – namely prostate cancer. As modern science advances, new developments are being made to help alleviate the problem while offering effective treatments to those who already suffer. Recently, a state-of-the-art device was created to become the first alternative to invasive surgical procedures and potentially harmful pharmaceuticals. In short, people now have a new enlarged prostate treatment that is poised to create quite a stir in the medical community.


Exploring the Functions of the Prostate

Today, enlarged prostate treatment is taken pretty seriously by doctors and patients due to the actual function of the prostate. This gland, which is only about the size of a walnut, sits underneath the bladder and carries toxic urine from the body to the bladder where it can be eliminated. Aging men typically experience growth in this gland, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), but it is usually symptom free and otherwise harmless. However, extreme enlargements can disrupt the flow or urine, cause urinary tract infections, foster irreparable kidney damage, and even become the foundation of sexual dysfunction.


Understanding the Newest Treatment Option

According to the FDA, the newest enlarged prostate treatment can make an exceptionally positive difference in the health of its users. Known as the UroLift System, this permanent implant is placed inside the lower abdomen to prevent further prostate growth by pulling back on the prostate tissue that surrounds the urethra. Although it has been proven that the UroLift System can foster drastic changes for men over 50, research is currently trying to figure out exactly how it might affect other, more youthful users in the long-run. Still, the UroLift System is an incredible improvement over the invasive surgeries and prescription drug treatments that are commonly used today.


Benefits and Drawbacks of the Revolutionary UroLift System

Those who use the UroLift system as an enlarged prostate treatment typically see results immediately after the implant is placed. However, every man’s body is different so there have been some minor side effects reported, such as: slight pain during urination, decreased flow of urine, feeling that the bladder is not emptied, frequent urge to urinate, and spotting or bloody discharge while urinating. Luckily, these symptoms are short-lived in most patients and tend to go away after the body adjusts. Speak to your urologist for more information on whether or not the new UroLift System is right for you.