Why Do Some Men Show Symptoms of Pregnancy?

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It’s such a common complaint amongst pregnant women that it’s worth trying to understand why some men show symptoms of pregnancy. A lot of women feel that pregnancy is already hard enough, and then they have to deal with their man exhibiting his own symptoms, which can be quite frustrating. Though this behavior may seem all mental, is there actually some validity to it? Most women will say absolutely not, but there have been several studies that look into this very subject. Whether it’s mental or just being around their pregnant partner, it does make you wonder why some men seem to physically and mentally relate on an entirely different level. So though it may seem humorous, this is a legitimate issue that studies have tried to understand in depth.


Believe it or not, what many women call a sympathy pregnancy may actually be real, as we see men show symptoms of pregnancy in a way that is almost shocking. It even has a name, which is couvade. It is not yet recognized as a physical condition, nor is it recognized as a mental disorder. It is actually very difficult to describe or understand how the manifestation of pregnancy symptoms starts to mirror those of their partners. These men may even develop morning sickness and nausea, weight gain, backaches, trouble sleeping, and more at the same time as their partner does. The cause is unknown, but it is real.


It May Well Be a Real Condition


Exactly what happens when men show symptoms of pregnancy is widely disputed. Sure, some women will call it sympathy pregnancy and may joke about it. In some instances, the man may crave the same foods, or give into pregnancy eating, yet be physically fine. In extreme cases, though, when couvades is at full force, it can cause the man to have trouble functioning properly. He may mirror the same type of symptoms, and this condition may even be extreme in nature. Most doctors will brush it aside and say that this is all mental, but there may be some validity to it. Is it ultimately a mental phenomenon? We may never know, but in the end it is well worth understanding the seriousness of this often misunderstood condition.


For the women, it can be frustrating, but yes—some men show symptoms of pregnancy, and it can be very real to them. They may find themselves in a bad situation, in which they are suffering physically, yet they are told that it’s all mental. The pregnant women who are going through the actual pregnancy may feel flustered, but it may be beyond the man’s control. It is certain that more research will be done on couvade, and hopefully men in this condition or state can gain some understanding. Though it may perplex the women involved, it can be particularly troubling for the men experiencing the symptoms.