Sleep Disturbances Linked to Higher Risk of Alzheimer's in Men

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We know that a good night of sleep is important, but recently it has been found that continued sleep disturbances can actually increase the risk of Alzheimer’s in men, specifically. This is a newer study but an important one to consider for men and for those who suffer with sleep issues on an ongoing basis. This is scary news to many but also reiterates why focusing on a good night of sleep really matters. We hear that it’s part of a healthy lifestyle, yet so few of us place importance on sleep. If you aren’t getting a good, restful night of sleep, this is yet another reason to evaluate your habits to ensure that you are your best at all times.


So in getting to the heart of what causes the risk of Alzheimer’s in men, realize that it all comes down to brain activity. When a man is not well rested, this interferes with his focus, his energy level, and even the way his brain works each day. In the short term, we may not think of sleep disturbances as a problem, but on an ongoing basis, it could lead to bigger health issues. For instance, when a man is not getting proper sleep or his sleep pattern is interrupted, we find that this can cause the brain to have problems in working properly. This has an indirect link to Alzheimer’s and may put men in this category at greater risk.


This Highlights the Importance of a Good Night of Sleep


It’s important to note that this study surrounding sleep disturbances, and how they link to and affect the risk of Alzheimer’s, is relatively new. This focuses on men over the age of 50, which goes to show that prolonged sleep issues may contribute to the condition. If no medical help is given to men who don’t get enough sleep each night, then brain activity may be affected. This can lead to several health problems, but the most notable is a true link to Alzheimer’s or early onset of dementia. If you tend to overlook sleep issues, this is an important thing to reflect upon in terms of improving your health.


When you consider what this study helps to highlight in terms of the increased risk of Alzheimer’s, then you can’t avoid the fact that sleep is well worth making a priority. We tend to overlook the importance of a good night of sleep, but if such habits go on for a prolonged period, then there could be bigger health issues. If you are suffering from any sleep disturbances, it is important to talk to your doctor and try to get some help. Just knowing that this could put you at greater risk for serious health issues can really motivate you to take good care of yourself and always prioritize so that your body has a chance to recharge every single night.