How Sitting Too Long Affects Men's Health

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Did you know that sitting too long can seriously affect the health of a man? According to recent studies, there are actually several detrimental ailments directly associated with prolonged periods of sitting. Being too sedentary is definitely damaging to a man’s to-do list, but it can also pose enormous pressure on different parts of his body as well. While the exact reasons are still unclear as to why sitting too long wreaks havoc on men’s health, the evidence to support the research is unmistakable.


Packing on the Pounds

Without being adequately active, a man’s body can start to show unattractive signs (usually in the form of increased body fat). Over time, these small accumulations can add up to some pretty serious weight gain. Men who are often found sitting too long most likely pack on the pounds a lot quicker than their more active counterparts. After all, the importance of getting proper amounts of physical activity is well known.


Increased Risk of Diabetes

On a more serious and less vain note, sitting too long can eventually lead to the development of type-2 diabetes. Diabetes is a disease which affects a person’s ability to properly metabolize blood sugar. When the body can no longer manage glucose, it can start malfunctioning. Unchecked diabetes can be deadly, so don’t just sit there – talk to your doctor if you have any questions.


Loss of Muscle Mass

Men who enjoy sitting too long will have to monitor their muscles too. After a while, the body starts to deteriorate. In short, if you don’t use it you lose it.


Decreased Longevity

Sitting too long can take valuable years from your life as well. In fact, several recent studies have shown how a man who sits for more than half of his day is likely to shave off at least a couple of years from his existence. Being out of shape is one thing, but being dead is another.


Cardiovascular Issues

Modern science has also shown how sitting too long can lead to serious cardiovascular problems on top of everything else it causes. Indeed, heart disease is now linked to a sedentary lifestyle, making it even more important for a man to get moving for at least half of his day.
Note: Those who have mobility issues should speak with a doctor or a certified physical trainer for more information on how to stop sitting too long.