How Alcohol Affects Men's Sperm Quality

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When it comes down to the condition of a man’s reproductive health, he most likely does not want to take too many chances. Improving or maintaining men’s sperm quality can be a somewhat tiresome task, especially these days with so many things working against the little swimmers. Stress, tight pants, and unhealthy lifestyle habits can wreak havoc on a fella’s ability to propagate, but that is not all the modern man has to worry about anymore. It turns out that the consumption of alcoholic beverages can actually make things quite complicated down under.

If You Booze, You Lose

Knocking back a couple cold ones after a long day at work might sound like a good idea, but you won’t think so when you realize what it is doing to your reproductive health. Although consuming moderate amounts of alcohol is typically alright, liquor can still mess with a man’s precious testosterone levels. This unfortunate chain of events might even lead to a man losing his sex drive altogether. So, the next time you are meeting the boys for a brew, think about these implications before you order up another round.

Liquor Is the Kicker

Men’s sperm quality is actually something that is rather delicate if you really think about it. These tiny organisms are shot out at lightening speeds by the millions, expected to swim upstream, locate an egg, and ultimately render the other half of what it takes to create a new life. Alcohol can drastically affect the structure and movement of these sperm cells, making this magical journey nearly impossible. This is because of the fact that booze messes with the liver’s ability to metabolize vitamin A—an essential ingredient in healthy sperm production—properly.

Toxic Testes

Too much alcohol consumption is obviously not good for men’s sperm quality, but it can also render a man’s testes quite toxic if it goes on for too long. When this happens, production of the sperm inside the testes actually slows, making each ejaculation less and less effective. If you are trying to conceive, then toasting that job promotion or starting a romantic evening with a glass of wine might not be your best plan of action. Talk to your doctor if you need some specific information regarding your lifestyle habits and their overall effect on your reproductive health, as unmanageable complications may be a sign of something more serious.