How Trans Fats Affect Men’s Health

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You have been hearing it for years. You know that you are supposed to eat a balanced diet that has a ton of great fruits and vegetables, lean meats, good dairy, and very little when it comes to excess fat and sugars in order to stay healthy. But what you also need to be careful of when it comes to your health is the trans fats and what they may be doing for your body. There have been some studies done that shows how trans fats are not only bad for everyone, they can be really bad for men who are trying to keep a sharp memory. Let’s take a a look at this study and see what has been found. The study For this study, there were about 1,000 women and men between the ages of 20 and 85. These people would fill out a survey about what they would normally eat in a day. The researchers then took this information and examined what kind of nutritional content was in the food. After this, a memory test was given to each of these participants, including a word recall. The results The results showed some differences for each group. It showed that the men who were younger than 45 were able to remember 86 words, but with each extra gram of trans fat that they consumed each day would decrease their memory performance up to .76 words. What this means is that a man who ate 28 grams of this fat each day would recall 21 fewer words than a man who stayed within the one or two grams a day recommendation. This is a huge amount when you look at the age group, middled age or younger, as the memory test was not given to those who were older and may have memory issues for other reasons besides their diet. Women The women were not examined in this group since most of the participants had been male. This left the sample size too small to really get accurate results. The idea though is that women may have the same fate if they eat too many trans fats in their diets. How to do better Cut out the fast food and all the prepared meals from the freezer section. These are full of these kinds of fats that you need to be avoiding. Try to make whole meals at home with fresh ingredients to avoid any issues and to keep your memory intact.