A Christmas Party Survival Guide for Introverts

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Christmas party survival can feel very difficult if you’re introverted. After all, the season is full of celebrations, and you may find yourself having to attend several of them. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to stay comfortable, energized and ready to make it through each invitation you receive this year.

The closer we get to the big day, the more events we seem to need to attend. A Christmas party survival guide can become increasingly important as a result.

Why Do Introverts Need Christmas Party Survival Support?

To be clear, introverted people are not anti-social. Introverts can love being around people. That said, they’re typically more comfortable in one-on-one interactions or in very small groups. They enjoy time on their own and need it on a regular basis to recharge.

Larger social events such as those many of us attend during the holidays can be overwhelming and exhausting for introverted people. Therefore, the right Christmas party survival tips can help to make these celebrations easier.


One of the best things you can do for Christmas party survival is to prepare. Try to spend the day calmly ahead of a party. Plan what you’re going to wear, how you’ll style your hair, etc. The less you need to think about at the last minute, the calmer you’ll feel overall. If you end up tearing through your closet because nothing matches or looks the way you wanted it to, you’ll be rattled right from the start.

Give Yourself Time

Giving yourself enough time is another Christmas party survival tip you’ll love to have on your side. Rushing doesn’t help anything. This aligns well with preparing. Do as much as you can in advance and start getting ready early. This gives you time to relax and pay attention to what you’re doing. It also means that if something unexpectedly doesn’t go right, you’ll have enough time to correct it.

Eat Something

Before heading to the party, have a little something to eat. This will help you to feel more calm and will stabilize your mood. Choose foods with protein, fiber, but that are not high in sugar or fat. This way, you won’t risk spikes and crashes in blood sugar, and you won’t feel sluggish as you walk out the door.

Drink Lightly

Alcohol is a depressant and will only make you feel more tired than you should. You may be aiming for a bit of liquid courage, but you’re better off drinking less rather than more.

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