Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Obsessive compulsive disorder can mean a lot of things. The disorder is real but can take on many forms and can be experienced in many levels of intensity. OCD as it is called is when a person cannot help but take part in ritualistic activity. This could be washing their hands many times or counting windows or bricks in the street or a building. It could be turning on and off a light a certain number of times. This can ruin a person’s social life and their work and personal relationships. But there is hope for those who suffer. Here we will take a look at obsessive compulsive disorder and what some of those treatments are.


Dimensions of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:


The obsessive part is the thoughts. In fact there are people that only have OCD about thoughts. This is classed as obsessive thought syndrome which is part of obsessive compulsive disorder. The person will get a thought in their head--usually stressed-based or fear-based and run it through their head until it drives them practically crazy. This is something they feel they have no control over. Some--without help- don’t have control over it. Some need drugs and others just therapy.


The stress dimension is the ‘need’ to do something over and over again. For example, checking if the door is locked over and over again feels like it’s not an option. It feels like you can’t walk away. If you do, you obsess over having not done it. People have turned back on the highway and driven miles just to make sure they turned off the coffee pot. This is not a good way to live. This is a very heart wrenching way to exist and will hurt every aspect of your life.


The routine dimension of the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is what the person has to do in order to make the stress subside. This is what causes most of the self imprisonment the person feels inside. Normally the person is this way from a young child and the school will pick up on it. When this happens--as many choices for treatments must be explored because the number one treatment is a pill of some sort. It is a wise decision to try to get therapy instead because pills like Riddeline are not so good for the system. There are very effective treatments that if approached the right way, will be just as good as pills. Now, it may take several months and there are pills such as Zanaprin which are gentle and will relax the person so they can cope with the stress and the therapy better.