How to Reduce Social Phobia in Any Situation

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There is actually a condition called social phobia. It is a condition that can be present all our life or can present itself at any time during our lives. Here we will touch on what it is and how you can reduce it.


What is social phobia?


Social phobia comes in many forms and goes by many names. It is most commonly SAD {Social Anxiety Disorder} not to be confused with the seasonal one. This can be due to many things like having had a bad experience with people in the past or having been abused or neglected as a child. Maybe you aren’t okay with how you look and there is an anxiety that stems from that. Some people can treat their issue with therapy or the steps we will cover here. Some will have to take drugs in prescription form or turn to an OTC pill like Zanaprin that is gentle and works to ease the stresses of social phobia.


Steps to overcome social phobia:


1. Acknowledge that people don’t see the imperfections you see in you the same way you do--if at all. If you feel as if you don’t look good and you are self conscious about something physical then you need to understand that you are more sensitive about it than others are.


2. Don’t think too much about what others are thinking of you. Too many times we place imaginary thought bubbles over the people that are looking at us and write a bad script. What you need to do here is to stop the script. We don’t have a clue as to what people are thinking of us. So, suffice to say we shouldn’t assume.


3. Get focused on the right emotions. Get focused on how you WANT to feel in the stressful situations instead of the negative self-talk. We often don’t realize how much we talk ourselves into feeling badly. We say things to ourselves like “ I hope i’m not going to freak out as I normally do” this brings us into a bad place and keeps us there.


Social phobia is worse when we are actually anticipating an event. When we are there it will actually go one of two ways. It will start to subside when we are actually in the situation or it will get progressively worse. You have to gauge the way you react to people in these social situations to be able to assess what your plan of attack is.